Connex Audio Silver RCA Interconnect


This is what we believe is the best combination of materials and construction resulting in an incredible sounding cable. This really is hard to beat! These interconnects really will bring out the full potential of any equipment and are suitable for lower end and high end systems alike.


  • 8 cores per channel. Each core is 0.4mm 99.99+% solid silver wire in oversize PTFE Teflon insulation for 99.9% air dielectric.
  • Braided into two double balanced litz braids for advanced noise suppression and EMF rejection.
  • Finished in a high quality white nylon braid and Connex Audio branded heatshrink
  • Terminated with your choice of LOK, KLE or WBT silver RCAs using WBT high percentage silver solder.

For more details on construction, see the About Us section